Make Sense compatible with the EV charging app “Charge HQ”

Charge HQ has an app that uses surplus solar power to charge EV batteries. As we are in an area with unfavorable net metering rates, and the ability to use this app would reduce our power bills. Charge HQ app works with other metering equipment, but not yet Sense.

Yeah, that is annoying. I have that app I wrote TesSense that controls your Tesla charging but I think it might be pretty easy to use the API that ChargeHQ provides to send the data from Sense to their API. This would allow using their code to control your Tesla thru an iPhone app. That’s pretty cool. But you still need a dedicated computer to do the communications.

I am partial to my app, but I am always tinkering and it’s never perfect so if you download it from my GIThub it’ll require a bit of knowledge on your part to get it running in your environment.

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