Device-Specific Energy Rates (+ Time of Day)

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I have a ChargePoint EV Charger that reports its usage to my electric company as part of an incentive program. The electric company in turn bill me a separate rate for kWh used from the charger depending on the time of day (cheapest from midnight to 6am).

It would be great if I could split out the rate for this one device in the Sense app so that I could get a more accurate prediction of my electric bill. Currently, I set the EV charger night rate as a time-of-day rate for my whole house, but this creates a discrepancy as other devices that are using energy overnight (e.g. the AC) are counted in Sense with the EV rate.

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While addressing this, every residential electric account in various cities I’ve ever had has had one rate for first x kWh and a higher rate for all kWh after (say over 1,000 kWh).

Would be nice if we could specify that threshold and rates for the “bill” portion of Sense.

My electric provider has a Basic Consumer Charge which is constant each month, plus a variable charge that depends linearly on usage. The way I have told Sense my rate so far has been to take the total bill for an average month and divide it by the kWh. This results in Sense underestimating the cost of my bill on months with low usage and overestimating it on months with high usage. Sense already supports time of day pricing, but it would be nice to add support for even more rate structures.

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Elliott… My thought is to ( and I am the wrong guy to answer this …hi…) If your secondary CT’s for solar are not being used, See if you can put them on the line that is charging your EV… My 2 cents… Gerry

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That’s what I was getting at in my post


Would adding CTs to the EV circuit allow for separate rate setting? If so that would be a great solve; I just didn’t think that was a feature. I have a unit without the extra CTs but would definitely pick them up if that was a possibility!



Elliott… Sorry I can’t help you there. I have solar coming into the house thru my generator plug. I get about 70 percent thru it. My stove/oven and dryer are not wired into it. It was a short cut way of getting it on line. I don’t have the space n the boxes to put the CT’s in the box so I am doing with out. Our electric bill is in the 30’s since I have gotten the solar on line. Hooked up just like if you had a emergency generator. kevin1 I think is the guy you want to chat with. He should have chimed in by now… Sorry…Later…Gerry

@elliott.bowles, sorry, but only one TOU or simple rate schedule per Sense account. You could do like I do and use a second Sense monitor with the Flex CTs for looking at my two charging stations in detail. That second account would allow you a second rate schedule tied just to the cars, though it wouldn’t subtract the cars off of your main house load.