Noobie Post: What device could this be?

Sorry if this is not an appropriate post for this group… I see this and am wondering what it could be!! Help and thanks in advance.


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Right place to post… Are you talking about the little wiggles on top or the whole 25 min waveform ?

As @kevin1 recognized, I can’t elk what your trying to isolate here. Is there an unknown detection that you can provide?

Thank you @kevin1 and @samwooly1. Yes the wiggles on the top is what I originally posted - since I have not really seen anything like that before (but then I am a noob! i aint seen much)… and to answer sam - how do i provide an unknown detection?

At first glance it looks similar to my front load washer…

Each bump is about 350 watts and indicates the drum changing direction.

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You can scan the library of waveforms here.


Can you zoom in and grab a minute-long chunk or so?

There is not any way to isolate an unknown detection. I was asking because if the device has been detected, you can provide history on the devices power meter.