Not as described very disappointed



I use HughesNet as a backup ISP and they’re horrible. Really nasty consumer unfriendly company, bad product, and bad support. I signed up before Exede launched their new bird, and will probably switch when the HN contract is up.

Fortunately my primary ISP is Verizon FIOS, which is very reliable and performs well.


I wasn’t happy with Hughes. That was mostly my fault about not reading the fine print about being throttled back. Not that I was able to read while the salesperson was selling me over the phone but I could have looked it up while talking to him.


Yes, nest saves the schedule locally, so if no internet it follows the last known schedule…

If not internet, can’t make changes through the apps or website… But you can walk over to it and physically make changes, still functions without internet… You just get messages on screen that network is gone… Like a lot of internet appliances, reports no connection, even if wifi present and no internet connection…

This brings up an interesting thought… My security system has a built in battery backup, and cellular backup when internet is down… It has built in zigbee and zwave, and does home automation functions… It can talk to nest devices, so I wonder if it can make changes to nest thermostat when no internet for nest… I may have to try that…


I’d like to know about the results of that if you try it. I also have home security but don’t think zigbee is built in. Everything moves so quickly these days it’s a lot of work trying to keep up. I buy something and a few months later wish I hadn’t because something better comes along. My wife considers all of this one of my “Hobbies”. After 26 years she can call it whatever she wants


sometimes I feel the same way about my projects… lol…

anyway, I will try it later today… I will let you know… its an interesting idea since the security system I have is very independent in general… its the Abode Security system… originally, I bought it because it was self monitoring, no monthly fee, but can hire monitoring as needed by day/month… connected with nest products and cellular backup communications…

the extras I found out about after I bought it, was the 12hr battery backup and zigbee and zwave built in… and I’ve played with some of those features… got some zigbee temp/humidity sensors inside and outside… and I can incorporate those right into any automation… so its no disappointment… a great system…


12 hour battery backup is huge. Wintertime here presents issue with power outages. Ten days is the longest I’ve seen at this address but it was a very long ten days. The other features sound nice, I also like the monitoring option.m security DVR is going out now and time for a new one. Adobe sounds like a good one


yes, and its a really good system… I just ordered the 2nd gen gateway for it… going to upgrade the one I have… the biggest change is backup connection is now 4g… the original one was edge… I’ve had it going on 3yrs, so I figured it was about time to change battery anyway… $199 upgrade, refreshed battery and updated cellular, no problem…

my security cams are FosCam… a good quality overseas brand… full HD, FTP, cloud… lots of options… I have a simple media server setup… AMD APU-A8 system running OpenMediaVault and Plex… I have a HDHomeRun Prime for cableTV-to-ethernet, then plex finds it as a DVR and recorders to my server storage… running a system SSD, 8TB WD Red, and 1TB SSD… my DVR & regular file shares are on the mechanical drive… the 1TB SSD is assigned to the FTP functions… I have 2 FosCams that save direct to the FTP (1TB drive) and I can get about 12 days before the drive is full… but I plan to add more cams, so right now, I have a cron job that runs daily, deletes the 9th day old files across the entire drive… so I’m keeping about 60~70% full and rotating…

all of the home media stuff works on LAN and nothing gets broadcast out to the internet… I’ve been able to get as many as 5 full HD video streams (playback), 2 720p video streams (recording), plus my 2 foscams at full HD and only hit about 70~80% on server CPU… so its right where I want it… and since the AMD APU is low power, I’m only using about 70watts idle and 180watts full power… so I don’t mind it running 24/7… also, that’s another feature I like the foscams… they are low powered… <2amp… these are full pan/tilt/zoom cams and they can be powered from POE or a USB… keeps my usage low for my solar to kill my edison bill…



Lets be honest here, Wifi to 99.99999% of the world means internet. And when you have a box that small, there is absolutely no way it’s going to do any meaningful amount of machine learning or data processing without relying on outside services. I think it’s absolutely clear from the product, and the website how this device is supposed to work. I think you made the wrong assumptions, and your anger should be directed inward instead of outward at sense.


Please, let’s move on from the Wi-Fi issue. There’s no need to continually rehash this debate. I’ve gone ahead and make the need for a consistent internet connection explicit in compatibility material, as it is a fair point.

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