For those I’ve upset with my comments and posts


It’s probably a case of my strong personality and me being rough around the edges with communication that’s causing problems.
I sincerely apologize to anyone I’ve offended or upset through my posts or comments. It is not my Iintention to do anything like that.
I have been pretty harsh (personality flaw I’m well aware of) when it comes to specs, advertising statements and tech support.
On the other hand, the sense monitor itself has been unbelievable in many ways. My detection and the accuracy of the totals on my device usage has been a great eye opener.
It’s very upsetting to me that my complaints are so easily fixed. They could include “INTERNET REQUIRED” in a few places that would take all of 5 minutes to remedy. And they could shoot me any answer even if it went like this; “ we will get back to you in “X” amount of time”.
I’m sure that if they ever do get back to me that they will be able to clear something up because I’m misunderstanding the data flow or something.
I just wanted to apologize, it’s 3 a.m. and I’m bothered by the response of those I’ve upset.
We all go about things and see things in our own way. Some will agree with us and some won’t. Even the posts I haven’t agreed with I’ve appreciated reading and learned a lot from. Thanks to everyone that takes time out of their day to build and help the community. I do hope anything I have to say will be helpful and not harmful.
Thank you and have a goodnight!


don’t lose any sleep, @samwooly1. I’ve read all the posts.
I’ve read where your internet outages were frequent. One lasted 4 days… was that a solid 4 days, it was it intermittent?

We’ll steer you with how we each use Sense fairly differently from one another.
First, I’d like to understand your internet outage frequency and outage durations.
If this is clearly answered by tech support, or already fully resolved, then we can just move on to our regular threads and keep helping you.


Your kind words will be well-received by the group here and I’m glad that you’re part of this. It’s good to have someone else here who knows what it’s like to have had nothing other than satellite internet for a while.


Hello MachoDrone and thank you for the response,
I upgraded to the fastest available to is a few years back that is the 12mbps service. This has never been reliable. One reason is they have oversold the market. When I upgraded they gave me a date it would take place and it actually took about six months after the scheduled date to be implemented. Another problem is location. I’m 21,000 feet from the DSLAM and that’s right at the line length limit for the 12mbps service. So since this was changed, internet has been very unreliable. Things like Windstream taking one of our pairs to use for someone else has happened, bad pins at the DSLAM have burnt out and a bad card at DSALM has also been an issue. The techs have been out many, many times and while it takes them a few days to figure out the problem and get approval from engineers to fix it, they have always got it up in the past.
This latest outage was a real challenge for them. They tried every remedy that’s worked in the past and more. They replaced all the hardware that has to do with us at the DSLAM with new and then they came to my house and they removed their box and equipment then replaced it it with new. The problem still existed. I could train up on one pin at a time (line 1 or lime2) but not both at the same time. So they then determined it was the wiring at my house. Oh yeah, I got two new routers first and that wasn’t the problem. So the wiring and jack were then replaced at my expense. This still didn’t clear it up. Now the tech and his supervoare both here in the 34 degree rain for six hours and they got it working. It’s been reliable ever since so I asked the tech what they did. He has given me his cell number to contact him directly when there is a problem now since if he was the last to work on it, he gets written up if something goes wrong.He said they disconnected the ground wire. Now I’m a little uneasy about that and it’s something I’m checking on today because the only ground out there I know of is my whole house ground to my panel and a ground for my dish network equipment.
So my internet issues might finally be solved, at least for now.
It’s been resolved before and I’ll know if in a few months if the cycle has broken or will continue.
Tech support still hasn’t responded to me except to setup phone appointments that they have broken.
I’ve been flamed and treated like an idiot because I didn’t understand WiFi to mean internet, like they are one in the same. I understood it as exactly how stated and didn’t realize I was supposed to be reading it from a layman’s view or state of mind.
I guess people don’t understand that their are many uses for WiFi without internet access. Almost all banks and doctors offices operate with at least two WiFi at a time. One internet connected and another without internet for security and HIPAA privacy issues. I understand now, after the fact, who the intended audience is.
So sorry for the long winded post but now I can move on to my questions, thanks.


Moved to Meta since this is more Community focused and less product focused.

First, I just want to thank you for your candidness here. It’s cold as hell this AM but this post gave me little surge of warmth. It’s always wonderful to see such an engaged and passionate new member, but it’s even more wonderful to see one so receptive to feedback, even when that feedback is critical.

We have a great little home here on the web and the outpouring of effort from members on your posts is indicative of that. Ya’ll make me happy to come to work everyday.

Stick with us. Stick with the product. We’ll (the community) and we’ll (the company) will help as best as we can. 9 days is short in the Sense world. Things will improve in time.

That’s a fair point. I just made this change and it’s been updated elsewhere as well.

I’ve said this elsewhere, but I want to emphasize it here once more. We are a very small company. We don’t have the resources of Google or Amazon or even Ecobee. This means that Support responses are not always immediate and turnaround can be difficult to predict. We tend to have a 24 hour turnaround time on tickets, but it can be longer over weekends and holidays or during training/re-training periods. This is absolutely something we are working on and will continue improving as the company grows. While small, they are fantastic and know more about the product than anybody (myself included).


Thanks again Ryan, your always so helpful. Sorry for posting in the wrong place.
If I weren’t excited and passionate about this product then I would t have anything to say. I’ve told many people that I feel that this or something similar should be a requirement in the national residential electric code, especially for places like California where electricity is a problem. My being critical of things comes across totally different than intended. I’ve alwys struggled with communication.
I’m definitely in it for the long haul. Tech support has responded to me today, several people. I feel bad about that because only one is needed and the others could have been helping someone else while they were sending me an email.
I’m going to suggest to them today when we talk for a “report a problem” elsewhere in the app based on my latest unreported problem. I had 16 devices last night around 2 am, now I have 11. I was working on some of them to properly indentify and I had renamed all of them. There are several other posts about this issue. I’d just like to be able to report a problem and I can’t when that device disappears.


I do what I can. I’m a Sense user too, after all, and rely on this place just as much as you guys do! Just trust that everyone here at Sense is just as excited and passionate as you are. We love this product. I love this product. I don’t know if I’ll be invited back for Christmas after singing the praises of Sense to every family member in shouting distance. Trust that we’re constantly trying to make it as great as we can, but we have to do so in an environment of limited resources (not unique to us…even Apple has limited resources, though their low end is a bit higher than ours :wink:).

As for reporting problems, sometimes the best thing to do (for your sanity and for theirs) is to just note down the time for when you see issues. If you give them timestamps, they can then dig through the data to see them. It’s a bit easier than trying to race to the Report a Problem button every time something goes wrong.


I’ll do that. Withbthe report button their are three option. We can use the feedback tab I figured for things like suggestions or just questions. I assume they queue up differently that way as far as priority