Updated Tech Support Thread ( Nothing Negative)

Top notch QUALITY From tech support

I had posted before in another thread complaints about tech support and their response time and lack there of.
Ray Shawn did call me today and we had a lengthy conversation in which he addressed all of my questions concerns and troubles that had accumulated.
He also explained what was going on in their office that caused the delay. I asked if there would be a possibility to inform us through announcements here in the future when something of that nature is going on.
The report a problem button has a high priority so I asked about a better route of communication for questions and stuff that’s not pressing. The plan is to now use email directly with who I’ve worked with. This will be helpful in Many ways but especially because the tech will be familiar with what’s happening.
Something else I asked about was opening the forum to the public. There is a wealth of information here but it’s not helpful until you purchase, install and have the ability to create an account. Hopefully they will implement something with at least some access but my wish is taking a vote from current users and hearing their voice about it. When I started here I think people thought I had the same information they did and didn’t think about the fact they had been on the forum for some time and I wasn’t allowed to read anything here.
Completely opening the forum up would provide a lot more answers and I believe sell more units. Sense doesn’t have a very strong web presence yet.
Bottom line;
Very productive and informative getting help
From someone extremely passionate about their job and the product. For now, I’ll have to ha e the same patience with support as with the monitor itself.
I’ll definitely be working on the patience while I’m throroughly enjoy the sense.
Beats Redbox, Netflix and Prime video for my entertainment.

Please pardon my strong personality and the fact I don’t always have things come out as intended like happened in my rant post. Thank you to those that did respond and fed me some much needed constructive criticism.


Really glad to hear your conversation with Rayshawn went well.

The forum is fully accessible to non-Sense users, though in read only mode. We’ll certainly revisit the question of opening it up to open posting, but there’s some pros and cons there (that we don’t need to get too far into in this thread).

Or you can do what a few of us do and just have your Power Meter open 24/7 on an extra TV, monitor, or tablet. Then just put them side by side, crack a beer or soda, and have yourself a riveting Friday night. :grin:

How would a non-user access it? Remember that I wasn’t able and still not able to get here from any browser and had to get the “Discourse” app. I can’t get here through the sense app either and it’s a known issue being worked on. Correct me if I’m wrong but you have to have a login to access through the app and you can’t create an account without a monitor. Try this.
Do a search from google to find the sense community and see what you find. There are three links for me that all go to the product homepage.
I’d like to know so I can point the people I’ve been talking to and have recommended it to so they can get answers to questions I don’t have the yet.


Thank you.
It won’t work from here but I can copy the link and use ina browser. I don’t know how much access a non-user would have through it but appears like at least some. If I try to login in from there it still has the bug where it opens sense but doesn’t matter as the Discourse app works.
I’ll jusr be happy to share with people with product interest

Yeah, non users should have no problem at all navigating to that URL in a desktop web browser. They’ll have access to the entire forum, but just won’t have the capability to post. Eventually (hopefully soon!), the mobile bug will be fixed.