Not detecting light after changing switch type

The fluorescents in my garage have been properly detected for many weeks now. A couple days ago, I installed a motion-sensor switch so that they’d automatically turn on and off as needed - they chew 450W, so accidentally leaving them on overnight is suboptimal.

Since I installed the switch, they haven’t shown up in Sense at all. Is this because they’re now being switched electronically (as opposed to mechanically), and the turn-on signature is different?

You may have turned off power at the breaker box to add a new switch. Is there any chance you may have changed anything in the breaker box, like the location of the breaker or wire?
I ask this because powering the lights may now be found on the other leg of power on Sense.
If there had been no breaker box change, it would be interesting to know the power draw of your motion sensor while on standby and after motion is detected and engaged (without the load of the lights).
Perhaps the additional power draw of the motion sensor relay is enough to warrant it as appearing to be a different set of lights.
Is your motion sensor rated for 7, 10, 15, or 20 amps?

Electronic switching via a triac or SCR would certainly change the on and off signatures.

I didn’t turn off the breaker at all. I usually just wear disposable nitrile gloves for a quick job like this.

It’s rated for 500W at 120V, so call it 4-ish amps. It’s this model: It’s wired for single-pole operation.

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