Unusual signature for unknown light

Sense has detected what it thinks is a light, but it has a very unusual signature in the meter. There is a pattern of varying consumption over 12-13 minutes that is consistent from one cycle to the next, then exactly 441W until it thinks it’s turned off.

The typical usage pattern seems to match the time we arrive home in the evening, and runs until we button up the house for bed, so I’m sure there is an actual device of some sort. But I can’t figure out what it is, and this bizarre signature isn’t helping.

One of these screenshots is from a morning detection, but it follows the same pattern. It did not show up while we were out of town.

(Showing the perfect straight line at 441W)

Since it really doesn’t look like a light to me, I went ahead and deleted it. We’ll see if it gets re-detected.

If it shows up again, I would start looking for something with motion detection, like something activated by an Ecobee thermostat or Security system or something activated by IFTTT. Just my 2 cents worth. Good Luck.

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I did some investigating with the Power Meter, and I think it might be an incomplete signature for my kitchen chandelier. It’s got 6x60W incandescent Edison bulbs, and the times of day make sense - we turn that on in the evening, and off when we go to bed; we don’t use it every day; and every now and then we use it in the morning. The only problems are that A) it only uses 360W, not 440, and B) it’s an incandescent light, so that weird first 12-13 minutes are totally wrong.

The switch is a digital dimmer, but one of those that uses a toggle for on/off, and a tiny slider for dimming (which is usually at 100%). So who knows, maybe something about the way that works is messing it up.

It hasn’t been re-detected yet. We’ll see what happens. What I do know is that since these are the only incandescents left in the house, it’s kind of shocking to me how much juice they chew. I get multiple times the light from my recessed cans that pull a total of 45W (5x9W LED). Might have to pop for LED Edisons, although I haven’t found any that I really like yet.

Hopefully these are your mystery lights. Just a side note, and you may already know, but make sure you get led’s that are dimmable for the dimmer. I’ve had experience that non dimmable leds on a dimmer do some weird things.

Yup, I was right. It was re-detected, and it’s definitely the kitchen chandelier. But it was properly detected at ~350W this time, instead of much higher wattage previously. I can’t tell what the signature looks like, because the app isn’t showing anything on the power meter for it (even on days when the Usage panel showes plenty of usage - maybe a bug?)

Yup, I only buy dimmable LEDs and LED-compatible dimmers.

It’s not uncommon for Sense to Not display ante actual history for a device when detected. It can take a few days at times to populate and I currently have 2 that never have.