Moving Sense in Breaker Box

My electrician came today to do some work in my breaker box. We had to move some breakers around and also drop the sense breaker 1 position lower in the box.

After that is completed sense shows 0w and the graph show +19w then + 71w then + 12w etc

It looks like it hooked up 100% right still any idea’s how to get it working again / why this happened?

Note I tried power cycling sense but that didn’t help

We’re the two power leads put onto the same legs of the box they were on before being repositioned?

I’m not sure because I wasn’t home when he was working on the breaker box but I changed them around now.

I’m getting watts but seems a lot higher than normal and some devices that were detected are not detecting now?

Any idea’s?

Moving a 2-pole breaker one position lower will swap the legs between the breaker lugs, so Sense would no longer have matching voltage and current measurements, which will definitely hose things up. Swapping the power leads in the breaker was the correct fix.

Make sure that the breaker Sense is connected to is fully seated on the busbars and that the breaker output connections are tight. Also check to be sure that the CTs are fully closed. No changes were made to the CT positions, correct?


Thanks for the tips everything looks tight and fully closed

One thing I see now is my always on is 0 now and a lot most devices are in the “other” category. Besides resetting sense don’t want to have to start over is there anyway to get it back to normal again?

Good question about the CT moves. My electrician flipped a CT when adding the extensions, so I had about 3 days of weird data and no identified devices before he flipped back.

If you reach out to our Support team, they can help you get set up again.

You may need to wait 24 hours for Always On to repopulate. I would monitor the other devices for detection during that time.

If everything doesn’t sort itself out in that time, sounds like a support ticket is the next step.

Also, going into settings > my home > sense monitor will show you the voltage and power usage per leg of service. Check those values out to make sure they look realistic.

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