Switched Sense Wiring to a Different 240v Breaker - Sense No Longer Works


My electrician had to do some work on my electric main panel due to some changes that the city is requiring in order for me to pass inspection for my bathroom remodel…

All he seemingly did was move the Sense wiring from one 240v breaker to another…

And now my Sense is not working correctly at all… My consumption shows ZERO, and my solar production is now reporting a -2,000kWh…

Everything was working fine before he messed with the wiring… What could possibly have caused this behavior!!!

I hate that I am losing data every second that I don’t fix this… (yes, I am that anal about my data)… Help!!!

Switched the black and red wires on the 240v breaker, and everything worked as normal… My electrician was kind of surprised that it mattered… As was I… There is nothing in the documentation that indicates that the wire placement matters during installation… All the instructions say is to connect the wires to a spare 240v breaker…

Anyway… At least I am fixed now… With a few hours of bad data in my usage history…

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Sense doesn’t say anything about placement, because Sense automatically matches up measurements from voltage L1 to CT measurements for mains L1 and solar L1, and
similarly for L2, during setup and solar calibration. And most times Sense will automatically flip polarities as well, if one or more of your CTs is flipped WRT the recommended setup.

Anytime you or your electrician changes CT polarity or wire orientation on the Sense breaker without doing another setup, things are going to break. I have a harder time thinking through a change of wire orientation on the solar backfeed, because the inverter(s) automatically match the mains L1/L2 and polarity regardless of the backfeed wiring.

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Ah… now that I believe things are working correctly, should I redo the setup just to make sure everything is calibrated correctly?

My take is that if the readings look good and are in line with your previous numbers, they probably are. Voltage measurements don’t really require recalibration. And I can’t remember if re-configuring means loss of some data, but I would avoid. If you do think the numbers had gone haywire, the support guys at support@sense.com can usually correct.

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