Moved Sense Monitor to a new breaker

Last Friday I had to have some breakers changed in my panel. Part of these work moved the Sense Monitor to a new 240 amp breaker. Since JUST BEFORE this work I’ve lost all history. And since powering up the Sense monitor it shows ZERO usage on the “now” screen. But I am getting notices from some devices and the monitor itself shows as on line.
I waiting 24 hours before doing anything but Saturday afternoon I power cycled the monitor again. That didn’t help.
Am I back to square one with my monitor?

Hi @therichardharrison.

So you changed the breaker that’s powering the Sense monitor, but right before you made any changes you lost all your data?

Have you already written to If not, I’d recommend doing so. It sounds like a potential installation issue, but Support will be able to help figure that out.

I wonder if there is any chance that moving Sense to a different 240V dual breaker reversed the leg assignments (L1 data now coming to Sense as L2, and the reverse, without changing the CT ordering) ?

Me too. Any idea how I would check that?


Not sure if there is any easy way for you to tell. Maybe if you paid really close attention to a big power hog pre-move when looking at the display below, and now the hog has moved to the other column… That’s the only display that hints at what’s going on on each leg (except for the Power Quality display in Sense Labs)

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Today (Monday) at 7:45 my sense monitor starting showing my usage. So just a little over three full days.
Almost everything is showing as “other” but a few of my devices are popping in and out. I guess I’ll have to remain patient.

The electrician showed up at 8:30 so he probably started working at about 8:35. I’ve lost all data starting at 8:00 (so 1/2 hr before he started).
I’ve written to sense’s support team but I guess I won’t hear from them until later today (Monday).