When should I reset my monitor?

I was just reading this article in the FAQs and wonder if it applies to me. I am about to install my solar system. I have been using the Solar CTs to explore what my various 240v circuits are seeing. Also in preparation for my install, I moved the breakers around this weekend to open space at the bottom of the panel for a 240v breaker. I was doing great on showing my devices, but now despite the devices still showing as detected, when I turn many of them on they just show as Other.

When I get to the final solar config for the panel should I pull the trigger on resetting all data or would it be faster for it to figure out what I have done?

You likely threw off which leg Sense is now reading for these devices.
Looking at your breakers, left is t one 120 leg and right the other.
They way it works is every other slot on each side is the respective leg.
So if looking at your left breakers and the top 120 breaker or slot is the left leg, then the next below is the right leg.
Here is a screenshot with red lines marking what would be the left leg and green marking the right leg.
Notice how every other is the opposing leg. You most likely got breakers the were reading devices on one switched around. This can easily happen with 240 breakers.
If you knew the layout before the move you could arrange them by moving the original breakers to new slots, up or down, by 2 slots. If you switched sides with a breaker then move it from original placement, up or down by an odd number.
This will return them to their original legs.
A second screenshot to show what it looks like behind the breakers.
image image

Yeah, that was my point. I wanted to move the breakers to their FINAL position, other than Solar breaker, they are there. But that means that I had to change which leg things were on. My intent was to reset the Sense monitor when the solar gets here. Cannot go back to the way it was. Thanks for your explanation anyway…

The question was, would it be faster to reset, or let the monitor figure out the changes that have been made?

At this point your data in Sense is probably seriously scrambled, and I believe that it would take much longer for that to resolve then to reset and start over. BUT, check directly with support for the proper procedure in such cases…breaker re-arrangement is not that rare, for lots of reasons.


I second @andy’s thoughts. My gut tells me the reset would be faster, but that’s not based on any personal experience or knowledge. The support guys are going to be better on both of those.

Beyond the breaker-switching consideration and re-detection, there’s also the accumulated data on your solar CTs that you may just want to purge. In your situation I’d want to start afresh after the solar install.

Detection speed is significantly faster these days anyway. Perhaps it’s a good opportunity to also track, from scratch, the detection speed and sequence. I think it will also help with potential future issues because your “process of elimination” will calibrate back to the reset time vs having to decrypt whether breakers are involved or old data or whatever.

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I personally feel that if it’s switched back ASAP that it will straighten out. Sense detection takes place separate for each leg. While there would be an accumulation of DATa for the opposite leg, the DATA for the detection on the original leg still exists and Sense should recognize that.