Reset Data on Sense?

My Sense was not seeing all of my power (missing condensing units). About a week ago I moved it to the main panel outside and it is now showing the same power as my utility. The problem is that, prior to the move, it had found several devices but when it was moved outside it does not see any of the previously found devices. It says my sump pump is on for hours (it’s not). It never says the oven is on like it did before. It just has a large “other” bubble. The only devices that are correct are the ones plugged into Kasa switches. So I can either delete all the devices or reset the data on Sense. What would you suggest? Thanks!

Hey @whalleye
Our official recommendation here is if you have moved homes or have made changes to your electrical panel configuration, you should reset your monitor. Your case would fall under scenario two, so I would recommend resetting your Sense.

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Thanks for the quick reply

It’s likely that you swapped the current probes from one phase to the other during the move. That’s really to do because there is no way to tell which wire is which between the main outside and the panel inside.

Before giving up on all your prior data, I suggest swapping the current probes around. Also, be SURE that you have them clamped on the right/same direction…that would also mess up Sense.