New Electric Panel

I am having a new electric panel installed (still 200A but more space for circuits). When my sense is reconnected will it be confused? Need to be reset? Still know all my devices? Just pick up where it left off?

@dougmarino This depends on how different your new panels energy signature is from your old one. It might be worth not resetting your data to see if the new panel works with your previous Sense data. If you’re seeing things don’t line up, I’d recommend doing a data reset.

Is it just a data reset or a factory reset? They are removing some twinned up breakers and spreading some doubled up circuits out (yeah, shortcuts suck). It’s still a 200A panel. what do you mean “see things that don’t line up”? Like sense says my dishwasher is on but it’s really my AC? I guess I can let it boot back up and see what happens.

Essentially Sense will be looking to match all the old device energy profiles to the current device energy profiles. If Sense can’t match the energy signature of the device it previously recognized, things “might not line up”. It’s tough to say how this would go without trying it, unfortunately. There’s too many variables that could impact if this would work or not.

You would just need to do a Data Reset here. Hope this helped!

I’ll give it a whirl. More out of curiosity I will ask a follow up. The actual devices themselves have not changed but I guess you are suggesting that their exact location coming thru the breakers and the location in the panel could alter the basic signature slightly and hence a device signature recognized before could be slightly different and theoretically no longer be recognized or worse incorrectly recognized which is already a problem I have occasionally today. (Incorrect device showing as on when it is not but a similar device is on).

You are correct, @dougmarino. It depends on the differences in the electrical signatures coming through your new panel compared to your old one. Might still be worth a data reset if you would like to start fresh.


Sense uses the leg of service to which a device is connected as a factor in differentiating 120v loads. For 240v loads, this won’t matter, but to preserve detection of your 120v loads, two things will need to happen:

-You need to keep your Sense CTs on the same legs of service that they currently are on, and
-You need to keep each 120v circuit on the same leg of service between the old and new panels.

If you do those two things your Sense environment will be identical before and after the new panel. Unfortunately that’s a difficult thing to do sometimes with a new panel due to wiring length differences, etc.

I just completed a panel swap and was able to maintain detection of my devices.




That’s a great panel you have now. Unfortunately they started my job before I could get down to them. So we couldn’t tell which lead was on which leg plus they definitely expanded my circuits so some HAD to change to the other side of the box by necessity. When the power was restored it said I was using an enormous amount of power and my solar was generating more than usual too. A few checks of my simple devices told me they were “not lining up” reporting incorrectly so I reset everything and will start over! No big deal and maybe this time the power is “cleaner” in a less clogged and doubled up box so I’ll get better results. Thanks everyone.


Unless you transfer everything over to the same leg it was in in the original panel, you will need to start over.
This can be done but will take some planning and really paying attention. If a breaker was in the left leg in original panel and ends up in right in the new one, detection will be lost.
Keep in mind the side of the panel the breaker lays on does not determine the leg it’s on. If a breaker sits on the left, it does not mean that it’s drawing from the wire on the left.
If the top breaker in left is drawing from left wire, the next slot draws from right and the alternate that way in both sides.
Great job @pswired

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