200amp upgrade confused sense

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We recently upgraded the house from 100 to 200amp service. In the process, Sense seems to have lost track of my jet pump and effluent pump. Will it find them again? Should I delete the old ones to help? Or just merge the old one with the new one once sense finds it?

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When you go from 100 amp to 200amp the entire panel is replaced and what I would assume is when those particular circuit were put back in the new box they are on the opposite bar (aka leg). So if your jet pump was on L1… and then that circuit is now on L2… Sense will have to find it again

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Adding to what @ccook says, Sense is sensitive enough to the variation is resistance of a new panel, slightly modified wire lengths and wire bends to install a new panel, that more often that not a new panel implies you’ll get a bunch of anomalies, including leg swaps. I would do the latter of what you suggest: hang tight and wait for rediscovery and then merge. That way you won’t lose data.

This is correct - typically, the legs (L1/L2) should be consistent if you’re hoping to maintain the detections. Typically, we recommend a data reset when anything about your panel is changing (including upgrades.)

Following a data reset, several pieces of information will still remain including:

  1. Solar sellback rate
  2. Cost
  3. Location
  4. Time of use rate zones
  5. Device inventory
  6. Enabled integrations

You can find more information in our help section here: https://help.sense.com/hc/en-us/articles/115008184227-When-should-I-reset-my-Sense-Monitor-


Thank you all for your valuable input!

In our upgrade, there was only a couple small changes to the current panel. The 200amp panel was installed in a second structure, and the current/original 100amp panel is now a sub-panel to the 200amp. It was simplest.

So @JustinAtSense given that we didn’t exactly change panels, do you still recommend a data reset?


I would, simply because just moving the CT’s probably won’t work, as the devices will no longer be on the phases they used to be on, and the device models are (often) tagged to a specific phase of the power.

If you want to do it “the hard way” you could look at each of the device models on the monitor and determine which phase it used to be on, and then figure out which phase it is now on via actually looking at the panel, and then swapping circuits between phases until it’s all just the same as it used to be. This would / should be done with the help of an electrician.

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Blerg. Did thé data reset assuming my devices would all still be listed and they all disappeared.