SubPanel Monitoring


Purchased Sense to help troubleshoot a 100 amp sub panel to the shop. In just two days, it helped me determine that my issue was a faulty breaker. It has already found 2 devices but sure it will continue to add going forward. I have liked the system so much, I am going to just move it to the 200 amp mains (currently on the 100 amp service in the same panel). Since it has already learned some devices, should I just move the amp meters to the mains in the panel or do you recommend a “reset data vs Factory Reset” before moving the amp clamps? Again, it is currently just monitoring a 100 amp service in the same panel. Additionally, the house has 2 200 amp services, and would love to include the other panel in the monitoring. Would you recommend purchasing another sense and having two accounts (seems to be the only good solution from he forums)? Thanks

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If you’re moving Sense to new mains and/or changing the breaker it is being powered from, a full reset would be the best choice.