Panel replacement and sense install


Hi All,

In the coming month, my current electrical panel is being replaced with a larger new panel. Will I have to reset my sense and lose everything it has found once it is reconnected to the new panel?



Yes, that will necessitate a reset. This is another one of those cases where data export will be a big help, but that still will only give you a copy of your current data for offline use. We’re actively working on that but I can’t guarantee it’ll be released within the month.

Data transfer, in the way you’re discussing, is a majorly complicated problem given the eccentricities of individual Sense monitors, calibration factors of the CT sensors, and the way device detection works.

That said, you could certainly try not resetting Sense. I’d expect device detection to go downhill given the differences in the panels, but you could give it a shot and see how it goes.


Suppose all circuits/wires are not shortened and are simply screwed into new breakers in a new panel. How does the panel and new breakers change the fingerprint of a device?


We are playing with thread necromancy here but …

I think that if one manages to do all three following things then Sense would not notice a change:

  1. Track which CT went on which conductor and keep that the same along with orientation of the CT’s
  2. Track which conductor the red and black Sense power supply wires went to and keep them the same
  3. Keep all 120 V circuits on the same conductor as before and preserve, for lack of a better term, the red/black orientation of all 240 V circuits with respect to the two incoming hot conductors

But I don’t think that all three are likely to happen, especially #3.


I see I have much to learn…



Thanks @sol. That’s pretty spot on. Sorry I missed this, @sensorr.


Just finished construction and re installed the Sense. I went ahead and reset it since they moved the circuits in ways I could not track. Just waiting for it to rediscover everything again.