Getting Solar…How do I start over with my account

Im getting solar panels and a solar edge system installed in next 2 weeks. I have Sense and the Solar CT’s. Been using for 6 months and a great experience. What is the best way to start over? How do I reset or restart, etc.

Is it possible to do without re-entering all kinds of info, or do I just turn it off for the few days of install, and delete all the discovered devices.

I have a ton of entries for Home devices etc I went around the house to enter, hate to do it all again…or as an alternate, is there a way to save a data dump of everything??

I’m curious, too; I’m getting Tesla solar + PowerWall installed next month.

I assume that I just need to disable the Dedicated Circuit Monitoring, enable Solar, and follow the setup instructions…?

@jimauger, three thoughts:

  • I would NOT do a full reset and you shouldn’t have to.
  • I would keep the Sense running and attached through the install, unless the installer needs to rework the are of your panel where the mains CTs are installed. The solar install software steps can be run without a full reset.
  • You can simply delete all the detected devices after the install, then let Sense find the devices again if they look the same with solar.

That will keep much of what you have already entered. If you want to keep around the data for the detected device (names, power usage, locations, etc), you can do an daily export from Trends in the web app to get a .csv file. Using pivot tables in Excel can give you a full device list for your pre-solar Sense.

@Edison, I would read the forum threads on PowerWall installs. I think you are going to need to sort out where the solar CTs need to go. But perhaps you have already.

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Agree with @kevin1 recommendation here.

A detail, kinda important, I forgot to mention…The electrical panel is being upgraded to a bigger service rating, so I may have devices on different phases??? Impact…??? Should I just leave as is anyway and delete and relearn where needed?

That’s probably one that you should ask support about. I think the solar setup and calibration runs through a new “signal check” of the mains as doing the solar calibration. But it might be wiser and easier to just do a “data reset”, not a full “factory reset”. The “data reset” keeps around all the info that isn’t linked to detections - Home Inventory, TOU schedule, etc.

If you want to keep around your existing data, do an Hourly Export from the Yearly Trends section of the web app for each year that your Sense has been in operation

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My gut says that if anything changes with your panel orientation / service, you should perform a full reset.
As @kevin1 points out, it might be better to confirm this with Support before deciding.