Anybody have experience with Sense Solar & Tesla Powerwall?

Trying to figure out whether I will lose use of Sense if I add a Tesla PowerWall storage battery.

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I know there are some Sense users who have a PowerWall and haven’t had any problems using Sense. It really depends on how things are set up. As long as the energy going to your PowerWall goes through the main panel first, the setup should work for Sense. If the Powerwall is completely independent from the power mains, it won’t be compatible.


Thanks Ben,

I’ll double check on install, but I believe it will live inside the meter, attached to the mains via some kind of breaker, just like the solar. The PowerWall seems to have it’s own power metering that works in coordination with the metering of the solar inverter to show energy flow in the household.

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Sense + Solar + Powerwall don’t look doable as Sense is one CT clamp short.

I posted something similar here:

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I installed a Sense monitor this week. I currently have A solarPV system with a Tesla Powewall 2.0AC installed as a whole home backup (so I cant speak necessarily to partial backup scenarios other than my original main panel would house non-backedup loads if/when I add any). I have my sense installed in my backup load center attached to the mains in that panel. The tesla powerwall gateway has CT clamps of it’s own on the feeds to the PV breaker to read power through that part of the system. I have the sense Solar clamps on the same wires as those. I have not tested switching off the grid main and running off the Powerwall/PV system with sense installed however since its sensors are attached to the mains in the backup load center, it should continue to operate and read the same as the powerwall will feed through the backup center mains in the event the tesla gateway detects the grid mains as down.

I would think that if you wanted to get accurate data from the whole house in sense with a partial backup then you would
need to attach sense to the grid mains as this will read properly except when the grid is down. Now if sense could “team” 2 units together then you would put one in each load center and this would cover you in both scenarios in my opinion. Since I have no lads in the grid main panel it doesn’t matter that I don’t have sense installed there, and I would get accurate data in an outage since it would be powered and attached to circuits powered by the powerwall.

Hopefully this is helpful

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I’ve got a powerwall, solar panels and sense. Works fine except when the powerwall is backfeeding to the House.

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I was told to run both the battery leads and solar leads thru the solar sensors.
I am not a electrician so need to find someone to do this, the battery leads look too short?

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