Sense and Tesla Powerwall 2.0

I am adding a pair of Powerwall 2.0 units (AC version) and am curious how this will impact my Sense Solar install? Am I correct in thinking the system will be one CT sensor short (have 2 but need 3) of having enough information to properly track device usage?

The plan is to wire the Powerwalls in a partial home backup scenario like this:

Image from Powerwall Owner’s Manual

In particular, I don’t see how devices on the critical loads sub panel will be tracked when they are powered from the Powerwall (say at night or during a power failure) without a CT sensor on the Powerwall circuit.

If not supported, any plans for a Sense Solar with Backup support product in the future? :pray:

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I already suggested to sense that they need to support another pair of inductive sensors to support this.
Three in total.

  1. mains AC
  2. Solar
  3. Telsa powerwall or something similar.

Not sure how big the market would be for all three.