Sense, Solar & Powerwall

I added a second Sense monitor to my installation to get a better handle on the Tesla Powerwall providing power to my home during utility peak hours and to ensure I eliminate the demand charge. The upper half of the image is my new Sense unit monitoring the combined Solar&Powerwall output and the lower is just monitoring my solar only output. You can see in the upper image the “missing” morning solar - that missing power is recharging the powerwall from the prior evenings peak period. You can also see the stored solar being used to power my home until 8pm. I wanted to be able to separately track true solar produced and to track the powerwall.


Energy storage adds a whole new dimension to power/energy accounting ! From what I have seen, the Tesla app also shows energy flow between home, solar energy inverter, battery and grid, but presumably not as much detail as Sense.


@kevin1 - Very true! Exactly why I added the second unit. Tesla’s app is pathetic, no detail, no export - basically just eye candy for a quick overview. I need the nitty-gritty!

This is all data gold that is usable sooner rather than later. Lovely.

I don’t know how they do their calculus but this is proof that Tesla (and other providers for that matter) should invest in Sense right away. Or at least: “And get a free Sense with your new EV/solar/battery”

Firm believer in throwing multiple Senses at problems rather than fiddling around and ultimately coming up with less usable data.


The web interface to the Powerwall gateway can produce details on every aspect of the PV/PW operation albeit at much coarser inervals than the Sense.

I sample selected data each midnight and produce a series of day-by-day plots patterned after those from the Tesla app.


When I was talking to the electrical supply house employee’s they knew I had solar but said the unit with out the additional clamps would work. Sense works great when the sun is down, but as soon as my solar panels start producing power nothing shows as being on all power is shown in negative ie: -1200 etc. I will be purchasing the second set of clamps hopefully that will cure my problem

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