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Is there a way to get the solar readings from my sense? I would like to display those on my touchscreens at home. I have tried and failed on several options - node red, hoobs, etc. Mostly because I am not all familiar with these platforms. I would be keen if someone were able to walk me through this. I use Homeseer, but have started moving to Hubitat for a lot of my functions. And I use Sharptools for the touchscreens. Thanks for any help.

@simon, a few options:

  1. If you just want to sample / poll current solar production readings, then the informal API using python is the way to go.
  2. There are also simple prebuilt solutions that use the informal API, like @dave 's Collector just above your post. I use Home Assistant to collect data on my household, including Sense data via an off-the-shelf Sense integration.
  3. I don’t know enough about Sharptools, but there might be a way to bring up the Sense web app inside a window on the Smarttools dashboard. I seen people on this forum do similar.
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I agree. There are some data science and BI things I’d like to correlate this to that are not integrations supported in Sense and also, the UI disappoints in that I do not see a means to enter a custom data period for measurement nor align to my billing cycles, etc.

@tateconcepts , there is a CSV data export capability in the web app that outputs either hourly or daily data for monthly or yearly intervals. That might help you.