On /Off detection


I’ve had a question I just can’t find the answer to. If for instance my mini split is showing “on” and then when running with no drop in wattage (wattage being monitored with Sense and separate energy monitor) shows “device off”. Is it smart in the detection process to manually turn it off then back on to rediscover it or is that detrimental or a waste of time? I did contact support with that question a month ago and never heard back ( I know they’re busy).


They are looking for you to use it in its normal ways. I originally thought the same thing and wanted to turn wverythup by on and off, even turning breakers on and off. But, this tends to make the device power up instead of going thru it’s normal cycle up/activate/etc. some devices act differently out of standby mode verse power on. So in making a short answer long, just let it do its thing… :wink:


Thank you very much, I’ve had the wrong approach. Two months in, I’ll leave things alone from now on.:+1:t2:


Normal usage. Don’t leave every light on. :wink:

How many devices have you identified?


17 total, 10 very reliably.


Hey @quietminded, thanks for your question, and very sorry that our support team never got back to you! Would you mind logging into the support portal (https://help.sense.com) and checking on that ticket and resubmitting it so they can get you a proper answer!

Big thanks to @jasonemoyer for doing a great job of answering your question. We have had some detection issues on mini-splits in the past, but the team is aware of them and working on solutions. We actually have a lot of people here in the office with minisplits (and Sense of course!) in their homes, so it’s at the top of their mind!


Thank you, I submitted it. Appearantly I didn’t previously, my mistake.