Introducing the Customer Support Portal

It’s been a busy month here at Sense!

Many of you have asked for more visibility into your Support tickets, both current and historic, and we’re very excited to finally share our new Customer Support Portal. Rather than deal with cumbersome email clients and remembering ticket numbers, now you can create tickets, reply to existing tickets, and see previous tickets all in one place. We’re very happy about this update and hope you will be too. Wrapped up in the new Customer Support Portal is another update that many of you have asked for: the ability to permanently give us permission to review your data.

Accessing the Customer Support Portal
After you’ve logged in at, the Customer Support Portal is accessible via the main nav bar. In the top right corner, you should see the ‘My Help Portal’. Click your username and then ‘My Requests’ to access the Customer Support Portal. You should now see the ‘Requests’ page, where you can view all of your active and historic requests, as well as any requests that you’ve been CC’d on. In addition, you can search within your requests and filter any results by request status.

Managing Your Tickets
Clicking on a ticket will bring you to a new page that shows some details about the ticket, such as the ticket number, the date and time it was created, and the ticket’s status. If the status is ‘Open’ or ‘Awaiting Your Reply’, you will be able to reply to the ticket from this page, as well as submit attachments. If the ticket is ‘Solved’, you will no longer be able to reply, but you have the option of reopening the ticket.

Creating a New Ticket
Submitting a support ticket is just as easy as it used to be! Go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Where the ‘Contact Us’ button used to be, you’ll now see ‘Submit a Request’. Click that and you’ll be brought to a page where you can fill in the details of your request. If you identify a topic relating to Device Detection or Device Behavior, you’ll also be asked for permission to review your data. We now offer the option give your support representative permission to access your data going forward until you decide to revoke that permission, saving you the hassle of answering the privacy question every time you submit a support request. We are still 100% committed to keeping your data safe and secure. Our privacy policy has not changed.

As always, we love feedback. Let us know how you’re liking the new Customer Support Portal!


Maybe I’m getting something wrong, but when I login to, I go straight to the web app, which doesn’t have a “Main Nav bar” at the top or any indication of how to get to “My Help Portal”. I’ve tried clearing Safari caches, etc., but no change. When was the updated website with the portal pushed out ?

If you go to after logging in, do you see it?

Actually, I just realized there was a typo! You need to log in while on the page and not Thanks for pointing that out @kevin1

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Thank you! This is great. I actually found pre-purchase inquiries from more than 2 years ago. Like a trip down memory lane!

That was the trick !

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Hi Ryan and others.

FYI, the EFF"s Privacy plugin “Privacy Badger” does not like ZenDesk. By the default settings, I was not able to log into the support portal. When I toggled the and from Block (red) to Allow, but block cookies, I was able to log in.

I report this for 2 reasons -

  1. So that if others have this issue, they know how to get around it and
  2. so that if you choose, you can check in with Zendesk to see what tracking data they are asking for that pissed off the EFF enough to block them.

One thing I love about Sense is that the biggest gripe of the original wave of purchasers was the lack of support.

Now it seems like you’ve gone all-in on the support - that’s very much appreciated. As I think I said on here a long time ago, the best smarthome companies these days are the ones who’ve invested a lot in support, like ecobee and ring.

Now what else do those two companies have in common, and who might Sense be courting for a partnership, who is also heavily invested in customer support… Hmm.


Thanks for the heads up, Ben. I’ll look into it.

No mobile option for the support page? Or am I just missing it?

It should be working on mobile. Could you tell me what you’re seeing, or screenshot it?

When I click on I see the login to support portal.

However after I login I get redirected to the app install page.

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I’m seeing the exact same issue on my end. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve let our web dev know so hopefully we can figure out what’s going on. In the meantime, regular browser access should be working fine.

This should be working now. Want to give it a shot and see what happens?

Works for me on IoS

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Perfectly! …on iOS as well.