Ability to send images to support


Sorry @RyanAtSense, this one is probably your domain.
I’ve been spending some time on a new group for Sense users on Facebook. More than one member there has had trouble and pointed something out that I think is lacking both for in app support and directly on the support website.
The ability to attach images and screenshots. How many messages are used trying to convey what an image would explain much easier and quicker?
I can see the difficulty in adding this feature to the App but there could be a message added to point people to the support.sense.com site if they wish to add images.
The support site should be easier to add this feature to.
Another problem I personally have with the support site is how far down the “contact is” Button is. It honestly appears as if it’s made difficult on purpose when I believe the intent is to have us read through all the troubleshooting and information before submitting a ticket.
I think these things would just be improvements that would help users and support technicians alike.



I don’t know what the Android app looks like, but on iOS, when I have an issue, I can screenshot my screen by hitting my volume up and power buttons at the same time (iPhone XS Max; other iPhones have different buttons to do the same thing). This saves my screenshot to my photos, and when I go to submit a ticket, there’s a link/button to add attachments. I just add my screenshots there and send in my ticket.



Yeah, @Edison517 is correct. You can attach photos on mobile app. You can also do so via the web, since they utilize the same Solvvy-based interface (Settings > Help > Contact Us). After that initial message, you can continue to attach images either in a traditional email client or via the Support portal. Here’s the web interface:

As for the button on web, you should see a persistent Get Help? button in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Do you not see that? Could you screenshot and let me know what browser/OS you’re using?

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I must have just not paid close enough attention because the persistent button is there.
What about images through the support ticket portal in App? I’m talking about the “report a problem” button?
I’m relaying this complaint from a Facebook group and think that’s where it originated.
Thank you for pointing out that it is there in the other two locations