SENSE Support ticket replies

To: @JuliaAtSense

Would you please clarify:

Has anyone tested all the weblinks that are provided on the ‘SENSE support ticket’ replies?

Yup, it looks like the “My Help Portal” logs in OK but just leads back to the - not to the individualized user portal with user specific tickets.

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Hey @Dcdyer, you can access all of your support requests from the “login” link (i.e. opening and closing a support ticket).

To: @JuliaAtSense
I have no clue as to what you are referring to. Can you please send me a documented example. Did you test the web links in my example?

@JuliaAtSense, I think there is something somewhat broken between the some of the Sense Support email links and the “My Help Portal” (using Zendesk).

  • I can get into “My Help Portal” in from Safari and Chrome on my laptop and iPad by some combination of cache cleaning and playing around.
  • But I had issues doing the same on iPhone
  • The “signin” link in support emails doesn’t seem to sign-in, no matter what I do, but some actual ticket links do seem to work.

Sorry for the misunderstanding here @Dcdyer and appreciate your follow-ups @kevin1. I now see the issue and have just forwarded this information to our Support team so they can look into this. Will keep you both updated.


@kevin1 @Dcdyer @JuliaAtSense

Sense has been diligently working to resolve this ever since I brought this issue up over a year and a half ago.

You cannot access your tickets if you are currently logged in or log out and log back in.
The only way to get to the help portal is to either use incognito mode in Chrome and log in that way. Or to log out of whatever browser you are using clear its history and log in using the help portal link.

Sense also changed it so tickets automatically time out for inactivity after 3 DAYS. Even while waiting for Customer Service to respond with an update.


Hey all, our Support team took a look into this. If you are already logged in to the Sense Web portal, it will take you to your request pages to see your Support tickets/requests. If you are not logged in there, you will be redirected to the sign-in page on to login. After logging in, you will be redirected to where you will be able to see your requests. Please let me know if you are still experiencing issues with this.

Hi @JuliaAtSense,

I tested one more time - while it’s not entirely reliable, I can get to “My Requests” to see my tickets on iPhone, iPad and Mac, via Safari and Chrome by using (slightly different from what you posted - that link doesn’t work for me). Sometimes it takes several refreshes to get through errors, but eventually I can see my tickets.

The other issue is that one link embedded in the support emails doesn’t work - the “Login here” circled below:

That embedded link points to


I have three different browsers loaded on my laptop PC.

AVAST - “Will display Support tickets”
Google Chrome - “Will display support tickets”
Microsoft Edge - “Does NOT display support tickets

I use all three browsers at different times. Apparently, my Microsoft Edge browser does not function correctly with the SENSE support ticketing software. Has anyone else been able to use the EDGE browser when accessing their tickets?


You may want to add the browser version numbers and OS version to help support.

@JuliaAtSense The link you posted is BROKE.

Clicking on “My Help Portal” from that page:

THIS is the link to the help page

Clicking on “My Help Portal” from the link directly above does appear to FINALLY be fixed using Chrome.

Ticket link from E-mail responses also appear to FINALLY be working using Chrome.


This is more of a zendesk issue than anything to do with Sense’s site. The requestor’s ticket list isn’t always cleanly implemented after fetching it from Zendesk. Sometimes companies want you to be aware of the capability to manage tickets you’ve made, and support it, and other times companies will go to great lengths to hide this zendesk view from their site. It’s always more or less accessible, but the frontend can make it challenging to interact with.

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@sam.marcus , thanks ! I think there are some Zendesk-related issues here related to a messy authentication process. The login is never 100% clean and error-free when I come from either the support email links or via “My Help Portal” - it almost always takes a few clicks and error pages to get in. But the URL for “Click Here” in the bottom of the support responses is just plainly incorrect - it no longer takes people to a login and just gets stuck at the general support page.

Logging in to “My Help Portal” was even worse when I used another product that leveraged Zendesk, because my password manager (Apple Keychain) couldn’t distinguish between the two (Sense and the other) so it was always a pain switching between them.