Sense Customer Support Experience

I am a very new user of Sense. I got it for my birthday in August and installed it on 8/21. All was good with the setup and I have been patient with it having only 13 devices discovered so far. A week ago today I got a notification that my sense was offline so I contacted Sense Support. Is it just me or is Sense Support extremely slow or under staffed?

My sense has been offline for over a week at this point and I am growing impatient with this slow response. I am a technical person and realize they are overwhelmed on a daily basis with super technical issues from installation to all sorts of networking issues. I have done as many things as I personally can (over and beyond what Support has asked me to confirm) yet crickets from their end.

It took 24 hours for support to respond to my initial email and I would provide answers quickly and then have to wait yet another day for a response. This has been going on for a week now and I haven’t gotten any updates in several days and they have gone dark on me yet my Sense monitor is still offline.

I am not looking for technical guidance here as I personally feel I have a defective monitor as it is not able to “connect to sense servers” yet I have tried numerous networking changes including using the hot spot on my phone. Just curious if I am the only one experiencing slow responses from support?

I have had mixed responses. Sometimes same day, sometimes one interaction via email per day, taking a week to resolve. A few words of self-help:

  • You might want to try this new feature to take a look at your connectivity.
    Sense is hard to get connected

  • If that doesn’t give you any info, or if the info doesn’t help diagnose an issue, often a cycling of the breaker that Sense is attached to, will restore connectivity.

Admittedly, we’re still quite a small company and thus the Support team is small. However, turnaround time on tickets is usually within 24 hours during the week. I’m going to shoot you a private message, as our head of Support would definitely like to hear from you.

Thanks unfortunately I have been through that many times and my monitor flat out refuses to connect to any access point. I have tried several.

Ryan, I appreciate the response and understand. Tyler finally sent me a response back this afternoon and I have responded with further details.

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