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Quick question. I had Sense installed yesterday but I am getting several installation errors that cant be automatically fixed. In general experience do you know how long it takes to hear back from tech support?


Support is fairly quick. I usually hear back from them within the day.


Thanks! I am still dealing with an issue of my device trying to pass installation tests since Monday.


I hate to ask a dumb question, but did you file a ticket with support? I’m not sure that it automatically files a ticket when it detects problems, or if it does, that those tickets always make it to the right place. Granted it was over a year ago, but when I first installed and had errors, it took me writing sense for them to look at the unit. Once they looked into it, it was a 2 minute setting change on their end to fix.


Yes thats the problem. I have an open ticket and the guy says I made a change it will pass in 24 hours. Then 24 hours later I email him again and he says he made another change and it will take up to 24 hours to pass. This has been on going since Tuesday(they were closed Monday). Its been 3 days of just wait another 24 hours to pass. It didn’t know if this was anyone else’s experience.

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