Device not working after install 4 days ago

I installed my new Sense on Sunday. It’s now Wednesday - 80 hrs have gone by. Nothing on the app or web dashboard other than “Signal check in progress. Please don’t move your sensors as it may interfere with the check. 0% Complete.” Three requests for support through email and the Sense website. No response. Nada. Nothing. Zippo. Tried to find a phone number to call - google shows 617-844-0955. No humans - just automated IVR.

Was I duped by this company? Time to call AMEX or do I give them more time? This sucks…


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@RayshawnAtSense @BradAtSense

Get these guys on your ticket. It’s after 5pm east coast time so it may not be until tomorrow. Let them know your ticket number.

Four days is unusually long.


@JJO319 I am incredibly sorry to hear about this! I don’t have a clear explanation right now for why you have not heard back from our Support team, but I will certainly be getting one - first thing in the morning.

In the meantime, I have dug into your existing issue. There was a setting on your monitor that needed to be adjusted so that your signals could read correctly. I have since fixed that for you, and you should now see real-time wattage in the app.

I am going to take point on your support request and will respond to that now, so we can communicate further.

@NJHaley many kudos to you for pinging us on this! :pray:


@RayshawnAtSense, for those of us who are curious - that sounds like you adjusted something that users cannot get at and is not made automatically during the normal calibration.

What was adjusted please?

Rayshawn and Sense Team,

Thanks for the replies and assistance after hours tonight. I was a bit frustrated with the unit not showing anything and the delays in replies after submitting a couple tickets. Perhaps the President’s Day weekend threw off the ticketing system. Regardless, you have restored my faith in the product!

For others reading, the Sense team fixed my issue by logging into the unit and adjusting settings. I am not sure of the details, but they were quick to handle my problem once they were made aware of my ticketing issues. My unit is now actively showing wattage and operating as expected. Looking forward to the detection phase!

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