RESOLVED: Help please, not logging

Help please. My Sense seems to be accurately detecting wattage and devices on the “Now” screen graph, but failing to log them in the side bar and Devices screen (when checking when a device was last on). All has been good up until yesterday at 12:43pm, now just accurate on the “Now” graph screen.

That’s definitely abnormal. I’ll notify the engineering team about this right away. Thanks for the report!

Thank you, much appreciated

Looks like it’s a global issue but we’re working on issuing a patch for it.

You can watch for updates or @SenseStatus on twitter.

:+1:t3:, thanks for the quick response

This has been fixed. :construction_worker_man:

Excellent, all good on this end

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Me, too, and my timeline logging ceased just when yours did.

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Great! I’m going to close this thread.