Re: Customer support help center post

Continuing the discussion from Customer Support:

@JuliaAtSense I found a bug with the form link you posted. How do I report it?

The chat feature seems nice. Though it appears to be more for sales. Hopeing in the future it can be used for support as well.

I love how Sense will start offering phone support, even if it’s only upon request after E-mail.

Hopefully this will all lead to better support for everyone who has been frustrated with (the lack of) support recently, the bot responses and difficult escalation process.
I’m trying to stay positive.

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Appreciate your feedback @obscuredtrip. Another user reported that the form was not public-facing. This has been resolved. Please let me know if you run into any other issues!

@JuliaAtSense the form link appears to be working now. :slight_smile: