Ticket creation process has some quirks

I created a ticket a few minutes ago as I’m getting emails saying Sense isn’t contacting the cloud service.

While going though the ticket creation process I stumbled across a couple areas of possible improvement.

First one, which seems new to me since the last time I opened an in-app ticket, what template are we supposed to select? I chose default.

Second, the connectivity sub-categories may benefit from another option similar to “Connecting to service.” Currently Wi-Fi is the only option. In my case my Internet connection is up and I can connect to Sense on local Wi-Fi, but for whatever reason it isn’t able to connect to the cloud service.

Just wanted to pass those along.

Hey there @scorp508. Thank you for catching this! I connected with Support and this should be resolved.

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Hi @JustinAtSense,

I don’t know if this is a backend or app change needed, but I created a new ticket (1792110 a moment ago with app v31.1 build 1430 and it prompted me for the same Default/Solvvy option. I chose Default and it seems like most of the categories were sparse with options to select.


No new app version is showing up in the store or TestFlight.

Hey @scorp508. Are you on Android or iOS? The fix for this was released to the App Store for iOS this morning: What's new in v31.2 (iOS): Bug Fixes and Under-the-hood Improvements. Android should be rolling out within the next couple of weeks.

I was juuuuust editing my post when you posted.

At the moment no new app version is showing up in the iOS store or TestFlight. I’ll check a little later today when it may have had time to propogate.

This wasn’t pushed to Testflight because the bug fixes were so minor. Typically, patches can take a few hours to show up in the app store. Should see it by the end of today or tomorrow AM at the very latest.