New app version. New issues

Appears a new version was released, for the umteenth no release notes.

There is a bug with this version.
When you click on bubbles for a controllable device (Kasa Integration) sometimes but not all the time it quickly shows a switch and the app errors out and closes.

I grabbed a screen shot of the screen that very briefly appears before the app closes.

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same with montior firmware, not sure if a beta release, but it doesnt say dev, it says master, and no rel notes as well. 1.41.4013-403f80e-master

Submitted bug feedback but not seeing it in my help requests & didn’t receive e-mail.
Not sure if it went through.

Hey @obscuredtrip, thanks for alerting us to this. I just shared this info with our team. Apologies for no immediate release notes, I just added them here: Firmware Update: 1.41.4013-403f80e.

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Thanks for pointing out the found bug. I reported it and will update here when I get more info. x
Thanks again for the help!

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So this issue where the lightswitch appears for a second should be resolved.

With that said, if you long press on a smartswitch-enabled device with Sense, that should make a lightswitch icon appear like this. So it’s not something that was fully not meant to be seen.

Thanks again; let me know if you see anything I’m not!

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