Wiser Smart Plugs Interface connection error message

I automatically received a new SENSE APP version installed on my Android phone this morning.

There is a new error message “Error, need to re-connect” with my Wiser smart plug devices interface:

However, all of my Wiser smart plugs are communicating properly to my SENSE account:

@JuliaAtSense @EmoryAtSense2 Is anyone else seeing this problem?

Hey @Dcdyer, I’ll pass this information along to our team. It’ll also be beneficial to submit a new Support ticket via https://help.sense.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.

Looks like you are experiencing what I reported a week ago.
Still can’t get any of my devices to connect. Wiser integration error

I am having a different issue with this version though…

@JuliaAtSense @JamesDrewAtSense

I also submitted a bug report, but not seeing it in my help requests & didn’t receive and e-mail, so not sure either of them went through.

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