Wiser integration error

I disabled my “Wiser Home Devices” integration a couple months ago to troubleshoot some other issues and forgot it was still disabled. I reenabled it, login and it shows “Looking for devices” for 10-15min until it gives me an “Error need to re-connect”. Then I have to start all over re-enabling it.
Can’t find this ‘error’ documented anywhere and I don’t recall anyone else having this specific issue.

Have a suspicion that Sense is having difficulties talking to the Wiser side of things?
As when it was enabled before my Wiser devices never reported in Sense for more than a few days before they required a power cycle (breaker flip) to resume reporting. The entire time the devices remain controllable with both the Wiser app and Alexa.
*I did power cycle them this time.

If only Kasa made an energy monitoring wall switch & dimmer. :disappointed:

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Finally Sense found my Wiser devices…
Will see how long this keeps working.

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I received a new android phone APP update on 7/6/2023. @obscuredtrip did you also get this update?

However, my ‘Wiser, Home Devices’ connection still shows an error even though the communications are working correctly. I am not planning on reconnecting. This error message has been posting for the last 3 months.

Not yet…

Now that it connected and actually found my Wiser switches it’s no longer showing “Error, need to re-connect”.
I should mention that I didn’t have to breaker flip power cycle the switches for them to discover. Hopefully they continue reporting…

Strange that you are getting the error yet your devices are still reporting.

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@Dcdyer , @obscuredtrip ,
I’m seeing the same error in the Connected devices screen, but my Wiser devices are still delivering ata to Sense. I have decided not to mess with it, as you have @Dcdyer .

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To: @kevin1 Did you get a new updated APP on your iPhone?

I have a couple versions, both 47 and 48 (different build than yours) - both are giving the Connection error, but the integration is still working for both versions. Not sure when App versions were updated.

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24hrs & the “Error” has not re-appeared.