Ongoing device detection issues

My attitude toward Sense is somewhat like the way I have treated my digital image library … which goes back to the days before Apple’s Quicktake.

There were days past when I would carefully catalog and describe images; correct bad dates because I screwed up camera settings after Daylight Savings or lost power; enter location info manually because GPS didn’t exist yet; delete bad pics and so on.

Then a number of years ago after playing around with early releases of image ML software well before Apple & others Clouded it, I gave up all the fiddle and just threw the pictures into Apple’s iPhoto bin awaiting the inevitable …

I mean, who knew I’d be able to type in “toast” and actually get images of toasters and bread; “cheese” and there’s definitely some cheese in there … so eventually I imagine I’ll type “Sense” into Photos and get all those orange pictures.

I arrive at: What are the other options to capture your electrical usage data in the same lazy way?

(Comparing Apples to Oranges, so to speak, I’m also impressed, if a little nervous, by the low cost [read: zero-cost] of Sense’s long-term data storage and retrieval)