Sense not detecting devices after 1 year

So I thought i would check back in, it’s been over a year later and SENSE still doesn’t detct my POOL PUMPS (AT ALL) or my A/C Accurately, and still getting mixed detections between a handful of electrical devices.

Have we made any headway here? Is there a ‘training mode’ is there something we can do with the BACKEND TEAM where we can switch stuff ON/OFF and look at the results, and APPLY SOME SORT OF MANUAL labels, etc…etc…

it’s been a little dissapointing to say the least…

As to the misdections, I have a MICROWAVE, AIRFRYER, A Mini HotWater Tank under the sink in one restroom, and they will mis detect, when for SURE one isn’t running, and there are other times I am not so sure so that I can understand them being ‘similar’ and confusing.

THe situation with the A/C is that they are BOTH ‘energy efficient’ and they can run in LOW Power mode, 1 is a ductless, and the other is a traditoinal A/C.

The pool pump situation is very frustrating to say the least!

We answered a similar question from a user in a separate post that you can find below - this question obviously comes up pretty often, and there are extremely valid reasons that we aren’t pursuing something like this.

If you’re looking for a way to “tell” Sense what’s plugged in, you should look into some of our integrations (specifically smart plugs and Hue bulbs.) This obviously won’t provide insight for something like your pool pump, but would definitely help for things like a microwave (depending on access to the outlet), your airfryer and the mini hot water tank.

I’d be curious to see a screenshot of your Power Meter when your AC is running at the various modes - if the signatures are significantly different from each other in the different modes, I’d expect that could be making things difficult to detect.

Thanks as always @JustinAtSense for your responses, yes I reviewed that post you are referring to, and as of yet, i’ve NOT seen anything differnt in in display/messages and the reporting seems to be ‘the same’ as far as I can tell.

Where are we ‘today’ with recomended smart surge bars? I have a NUMBER of electronics, in my office and would like to MONITOR those outlets/devices closer, controling them isn’t as much a need.

I remember before there were a number of PROs and CONs (like everything else) as which to use…

thank you!

As far as I’m aware the only smart power strip that works with Sense is the Kasa HS300. Although Kasa devices have had issues, the HS300 seems to be pretty solid from what I’ve seen.


I have a similar issue with a new refrigerator. We’ve had it for about 3 or 4 months but the Sense has yet to find it. It totally nailed the old fridge which is now located in the basement. (I thought the LG might be the source of “Motor 2” I asked about in a different post, but unplugging it doesn’t cause the value of Motor 2, at 280 W of constant usage to budge).

The new fridge is a LG 23 cu ft top freezer model. The old fridge is a 23+ yo Maytag still going strong.

@DevOpsTodd is spot on here - a Kasa HS-300 smart strip can integrate with Sense and will instantly show the devices that are plugged into each outlet in the Sense app.

I would recommend exploring the available smart plug integration - I think it will help with a few things that you’ve expressed interest in.