Other device

I show 85w on my other device bubble. I believe this to be my router.

Is there a way to label it?

Also, 5w always on I assume is SENSE? Have you registered sense signature?

85W sounds pretty high for a router. What do you have?

In any case, no, you cannot pull something from Other. That is the bucket for what Sense has not detected. There is no way to manually identify devices from that category (at least not without using a smart plug). You can read more about why this isn’t yet possible here: Why can't you train Sense?

Also, that 5W is likely Sense but it will not be broken out of that bubble.

I’m surprised your Other and Always On are so low. I would also expect your router to be included in your Always On bucket rather than Other, since it’s always running.

And, welcome to the Sense community!

I have a “Other” device, and I’m pretty sure it’s my second floor AC unit… which runs around
3.5kw… should I delete it and try again?

I do also have a handful of "motors’ “motor2”, “dryer”, “dryer2”… etc…

Should I delete those?

My home is brand new, just build in 2018… lots of new stuff… appliances… etc…

Other and Always On are not specific devices. They are values calculated by Sense to account for all the electrical usage that isn’t associated with detected devices. Hopefully as time goes forward, Always On becomes an accurate representation of power used by devices that never turn on or off (or components of devices that have this Always On behavior), while Other should trend smaller and smaller as more devices are identified, though it can still go up and down in size depending on which undetected devices switch on and off in the house.

I recommended that you wait 4-5 weeks before you start deleting devices and during that time period, begin to assess whether any of those detected devices correlate to real devices in your house. There are some great pointers on how to do that in this part of an AskSense video:

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