Philip Hue Integration Missing Use

Having issue when 4 Hue BR30 are on dim (15%) which normally where I run them at night, Sense misses all information, including that they are on.

Even more comical that a single Hue lamp in my Office is being detected at 7 watts.


If you have tried rebooting various components and still see the issue, then it can probably be attributed to rounding. Hue lights use a curve for reporting light intensity, rather than a line, as shown in the post below. 15% light intensity is just a tiny bit of actual Lumen output, so probably takes less than 0.5 watt per bulb to generate. If Hue rounds this down to zero before multiplying by the bulb count, that would explain why Sense reports zero.


Obviously they should take the un-rounded actual number, add those together and then round down the total.

Reporting that 4 lights are using a combined 0 watts is just ridiculous.

That’s a great point. I wonder if the summation for a lighting group is done in the Hue hub or in Sense.

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