Philips Hues stops working with Sense

Sense had worked with my small Philips Hue setup through early this morning. Suddenly this evening all of the Hue lights are showing as off even though they are on.


As an aside, Sense says there are 6 lights connected via Hue. In actuality there are only 5. I have confirmed that in the Hue App as well, as seen below. See the phantom Hue Color Lamp 1 in the Sense Device list.

I notice you have quite a few smart plugs and hue bulbs - we do notice issues around the ~20 smart plug/hue bulbs (combined total) that can be attributed to bandwidth limitation of the network.
If you haven’t already, I would submit a Support request and request they adjust the polling frequency for your Sense to minimize issues that may pop up with smart plug and Hue devices.

We’re not seeing an increase in tickets about this issue, but please submit a ticket so we can track frequency.

I detailed a solution for this here in the case that your issue is the same:

I should add that while this resolution was written for grouping issues, the same steps could be used to discover and remove orphaned devices from hue

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