Please move the cookie button into a neutral zone

Could you please change the community interface so the green cookies button is not always smack dab on top of the submit button? Thanks!


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There is a full blog/discussion on this same topic from Sept 1, 2022. You can attach/add your comments to this topic.

Removing APP buttons from the Discourse APP display? - Technical Questions - Sense

Ah thanks. I could not find that other discussion after a casual forum search. The linked topic seems to be mostly for the mobile interface. Mine is on PC/Browser.

Is there a way to merge my post to that topic or should I just link?

Also note that “getting started” (my post) is in the correct place.

Exact quote from the main community screen:

Getting started: Discussion about the Sense forum, its organization, how it works and ideas for improving it

It should not be under “technical discussions” as the other thread because it has nothing to do with SENSE! Maybe that’s why I did not find it. :smiley: