Sense Forum & Sense App on Android

New User. 1+ month in. Just getting started with all the apps, this forum, device detection, Saving Energy and all the rest. I tend to live on my smart phone. I can access this Forum and check on my power consumption on the Sense App but not both! I cannot log in to the Forum on my Smart Phone. I can only Read/Review the forum as an outsider. Whenever I hit the login button or the Reply button from the Forum, I am immediately transferred to the Sense app and out of the Forum. Maybe it’s just me! Maybe it’s because I used the same Login for both? Need a fix. Tried logging out of the App but the Login from the Forum fires App up.

Currently I’m on my desktop and not login to the Sense Web app. I’ll have to check if I can log in on my Laptop. I expect so.

Anyone else have a problem logging into the Forum from their Android Smart Phone (LG G5)? THX

I can’t login to the forum on my iPhone either… Same issue - logging in brings up the app. Fortunately, I can see both web app and forums on my iMac.

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Thanks for the response! Glad I’m not alone. Glad it’s not specific to Android Phones!

I know people complain about everyone always has their heads in their phone (my wife included), but it give me the freedom to stay up to date anywhere. I go weeks without firing up the computer. It takes a long time just for Outlook to refresh now a days.

I found it most difficult to be unable to immediately paste a Sense screenshot in a Reply.

What’s the fix?

To reply in the forum screenshot with a screenshot, I:

  • Take screenshot on my phone or iPad
  • iCloud automatically syncs the screenshot with my photos on my iMac
  • Export the photo to a folder
  • The I can upload to forum…
    Not convenient but not that time consuming.

Or I just do it on an iPad instead. I can log into the forum directly on an iPad, with out redirection to the app screen. So there is something about the either the screen size/resolution or device type sent from the browser that causes the forum to redirect phones to the app landing page.

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Exactly the steps I’ve used for my posts. Thx.

Still find it a pain that I could not quickly respond to you when I read this on my phone. Maybe Sense needs to include a Forum login within the Android/iOS App.

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Agreed - that would be helpful if they could do it in the native browser. But I wouldn’t want YAA (yet another app) for the forum alone.

Same happens to me on my V30 android phone. I can choose chrome or sense app but it still will not let me log into the forum, takes me back to the home page and logs me out.

Same here! My android tablet works OK, but at some point in the past month my phone browser quit accessing the forum.

Found another device easier than firing up my old desktop to work on the Sense forum. My old Kindle Fire communicates with both the Forum and the Sense Web App. Still have the LG G3 for the original Sense App.