Community problems

There have been problems with the community for quite some time now. In addition to the problems with logging in and the sense App opening instead, now my Apple products cannot access the community at all. Whether I am using Safari, Opera, Firefox or the Discourse App, logging in is impossible.
Trying any of these methods results in a page stating “Error connecting to Sense UNAUTHORIZED.”.
I’m curious to see if orhers are also having to use another device. Im using android now and it works.
It appears to me that there are less posts than normal today, is this the reason?
I have voiced my opinion to support about how ridiculous it is that I have to use a different device to be able to use Sense.
This is marketed as a phone App, wish they would make it work that way.

This bug is logged here and all discussion should remain in that thread: SOLVED: Can't login to the forums while mobile - #56

And this has absolutely nothing to do with the Sense mobile app. The Community is something entirely separate and run on an entirely different third-party platform. The only connection between the two is shared login information.