Possibility of a "Pro" model in the future?

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I’ve been using Sense for close to 2 months now. I’m pretty happy with things that I have seen so far on it. It has allowed me to track down some extra usage, and decrease my bill by being more aware of some of the things going on in my house. I definitely need to get in and clean/retighten all of my connections sometime soon when I have the opporturnity since I am having so many voltage dips reported by Sense Labs, and the light dim/flicker associated with that. Anyways, one thing that was popping into my head, I know that it would add A LOT of extra cables, and maybe take up too much space, but what are thoughts (more of directing towards the Sense team) on something like a “Pro” model, where instead of just the mains, there are smaller CT clamps on each individual circuit? I know even with some of my already detected devices, sometimes it does not show up as being in use because of extra noise, so I think this would help with that, as well as speed up some of the initial detection time for new devices, since it will be separated by circuit. Also, you could potentially find out if something that gets triggered by the “Sense Labs” is on a specific circuit. I know probably already been asked on all this (couldn’t find specifically though), but just thought I’d throw this out there. The AI/ML is pretty impressive as it is, and by being able to further “clean up/separate” the signal, I think it would just make it that much better.

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