New to Sense? New to "machine learning"?

We put together an explainer video on machine learning that you might want to check out. For the DS and ML experts here, it’s probably a bit elementary, but it’s a nice overview on what machine learning is for those unfamiliar…and for why it can be so difficult.


I would just like to point out that even though Skynet only took 25 days to become artificially conscious, it took a lot longer to figure out how to stop people trying to unplug it.


@RyanAtSense Thanks for the video, it helps understand some of the quirky things that I see in my system.
Question - Does all this data crunching happen in my device or just some of it, or none of it?


I had a Cyberdyne Systems t-shirt in high school. Whether or not that means you should be afraid is up to you :wink:

Some of it. Much of the real heavy “learning” happens in the cloud, but a lot of the basic signal processing/filtering happens on the device prior to going to our servers.

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