Power Meter - no device identification, its been years!

We should be able to view the Power Meter and see the devices tagged with on/off on the meter.

Amazing this feature is STILL not provided - after several years.

I wonder if the developers actually use the device in the way the community does. They dont seem to understand how it could help users identify what devices causing spikes, and when.

I think device detection has gotten better but still missing a ton of devices that are on/off daily. And still no way to tell the app “I just turned on XYZ”

I should just give up hoping its going to do what it promised years ago.

The iOS/Android Power Meter does tag native device detections and transitions of interest, at least for the fast-ramp ons and offs.

The tags only persist as long as you are in the Power Meter.

Not sure what you want beyond that. if you are thinking you could click on a tag and tell Sense what it is, that’s wishful thinking. Machine learning doesn’t work like that - Machine learning has to be able to able to cluster a bunch of similar ons and complementary similar offs together, that are also sufficiently distinct from other transitions, before it does a detection. My problem, as you can see, is that my house is infested with tons of non-distinct transitions in the 10-100W zone. They all probably blend together into a band, instead of individual clusters.

I don’t think Sense ever promised human training, though Neurio did. I don’t think that ever really worked and Neurio eventually got sucked up into the bowels of Generac. That’s the cautionary tale for companies proposing human training.


This is my main complaint with the power meter. We have the individual device timeline views now, so I know Sense has this information readily available. Seeing part of the timeline overlaid on the historical power meter would help identify new devices and how they relate to existing detected devices.


I agree. That’s the part I have been using Home Assistant for - overlaying Total Usage vs an unknown detected device.

I’d like to hear from @sense … Power Meter is 100% useless for any historical tracking or pattern / trending.

The device / usage tagging doesn’t persist AND is NOT available on the web site at all (only mobile app).

Promises of visibility into power usage and ability to troubleshoot usage is BS without having a power meter that overlays known/unknown power devices and usage spikes/dips for historically logging and later analysis.

For instance, I have a period where my peak demand use spiked at 4pm. This should not have happened, and there is NO way for me to go back to the historical data to see what spiked, or even how much it spiked to try to make some sort of guess at it.

Sense has all the data its logging, yet they don’t provide it to use when they EASILY could simply overlay the data sets that they already have, or should be collecting.

Even better… Put in an option in the device to do an automatic daily download the graph/overlay data to a local network share.

Its been years, and still basic stuff like this doesnt exists. Shame on Sense for not even understanding what the device is valuable for users.

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I’m gonna debate the last little bit. I really don’t want to be in the in-house data storage business as a Sense customer. I have set up a Home Assistant server to collect and store Sense data and like some of the benefits that (I can do overlays with 2 minute sampled data). But that also comes with a lot of nagging operational issues:

  • I just upgraded HA and that broke the Tesla integration
  • I don’t maintain a UPS 24/7 server environment so power outages and just the need to move things around can take my data collection offline.
  • The data collected is raw - it needs a lot of clean-up to be useful

I would like to see the overlay option. I’m a little more meh on persistent tags, because they are meaningless without deep knowledge. But it is not “Even Better” to have most customers “HealthKit” their own data stores.

@kevin1 – I didnt mean what you thought. I dont want raw data, just graph and overlay tag. Thus…

“Put in an option in the device to do an automatic daily download the graph/overlay data to a local network share.”

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Hi @aaron1. I don’t know if I agree with the 100% useless portion. Although tagging doesn’t persist and isn’t available on the Web app, I’ve personally used the Power Meter to confirm specific behaviors in my home by scrolling through the last 24 hours of my meter. Again, I don’t think this nullifies your suggestion, just adding in additional perspective here.

Do you have a goal or notification scheduled to alert you when you surpass your peak demand use? I’ve set up a few goals in my home to alert me if my home is ever using more than “X” wattage.

I’m not quite sure I’d consider this “basic” or even “highly requested” - I’ve seen a few smaller threads on this, but nothing substantial. If you head over to the Product Wishlist forum, you’ll see we’ve tackled some of the most requested items in this forum. None of those were small projects, and most of them have been aimed at enhancing the user experience. I encourage you to add this to the Product Wishlist forum or comment on the correlating thread. We also spoke with the Data Science team about Progressive Device Detection. This doesn’t address your specific request, but is relevant in providing more data to users about how we detect devices.

If you do analytics and/or statistics you’ll know how valuable data is for trending, differential analysis, etc. For Sense to be useful beyond (this day, this month, etc) it needs to have this available for users. I keep a running set of data Xcel energy provides to track and understand my use based on time of day, peak demand, and yearly by month and year-to-year.

Can you detail now to setup a Sense alert / goal / notification for “If my use goes above N between 2-6pm” ?
A generic ‘goal’ as I’ve seen in the Sense app doesn’t look like its going to help?

I have a hot tub and prosumer espresso machine – they spike when the heater comes and they run 6am-2pm & 6pm-10pm, so a general alert for a spike ‘anytime during the day’ doesnt help me as it would go off all the time.

the reason most users buy the Sense device is to help identify the spikes and what devices cause them. Having historical data, or realtime alerts only helps if it has the complete dataset to determine both of those.