Power Quality - A few voltage dips or spikes were detected

How was your issue detected?:
I didn’t notice anything in the house; no lights flickered or anything that I recall.
I think there was a thunderstorm for one of these events, which is odd that it was a dip on the voltage line, not a spike.

Did you noticed any other signs of this issue around your home?:

Screenshots from Sense Lab

  • Sense Labs graph screenshots

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New voltage drop happened last night while I was sleeping. I woke up about 15 min after this because the voltage drop (which wasn’t seen on the Watt meter) caused one of my wifi outlets (not connected to Sense) to turn off, which was running a sound machine. I woke up because the sound machine had turned off and went to look at the watt meter and the Power Quality graph.

Nice detection irony there.

Reminds me of this article and image (sorry, “loud”).

So this begs the question … do you hear the bass drum dip in your Power Quality waveform above? Piccolo spikes?


Here’s another update; This is a pretty big dip it detected, but nothing on the Watt Usage graph at this time

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