[Power Quality]: Brand New Home Spikes and Dips

Found out I had power quality issues by looking at the lab. I wasn’t aware we had a problem otherwise. This is a brand new house. Anything I can possibly do?

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It might not be your house - could be your neighbor’s usage and/or issues with the nearby utility distribution transformer, or even overall grid in your area. It looks like your voltage drops off during period of highest power usage and returns to spec during low usage period (late night, early morning). Check in with your utility.


The amount of events is truly high, but imo the voltage range is not really that much of a problem.
Compare that with mine:

73 & 72 volt on a 110 volt leg ? 65% of nominal voltage.
And my EV doesn’t start charging till after 10PM, so it wasn’t me :wink:


bitesize… Following along the idea that keven1 maybe was talking about… We are in remote Michigan. We have 2 neighbors that are saw mills. Years ago…10 plus… They had told me there electric bills were approaching 1k per month. That have 50 and 75 hp motors to start up. You may watch the times of your spikes and see if they are around the same time each day and maybe not at all on week-ends. I have a few UPS’s here and when I have them set tight, they will engage when the mills start there motors… 3 phase I might add. 3-4 years ago the power company came through and raised our primary voltage from I believe around 14k to 18k. Lots of transformers to got changed. A new sub station went in 5 miles down the road. That cut down on a lot of our power outages. I say this with regret… hi …maybe for some and not others and versa… Last summer we got new primary wiring to 3 phase, we only have single phase… But the marijuana grow plant across the road needed it… So now we have 3 phase all around us. my 2 cents… Gerry


Thank you all for the replies. Much appreciated it. I am definitely keeping an eye on this to see if there’s any pattern here and will update with any findings. I’m north of Toronto, Canada.