Help with this situation: 1 line spikes or dips and the other has no issues

How was your issue detected?:
Poor power quality section of Sense Labs

Did you noticed any other signs of this issue around your home?:
Nothing out of the ordinary

Screenshots from Sense Lab

I wouldn’t worry too much if that’s the only time you’ve seen that. Is it?

A consistently lower leg is likely a transient transformer issue or supply/load beyond your control … I don’t believe you’d get that behavior with a load you are applying unless maybe you had something fairly dramatic on that leg/phase for that time period. Maybe others with more expertise can correct me on this.

Most 240V transformers supply 2-4 houses. Any neigbors welding or arriving home with a new EV?

What utility company are you supplied by? Any local brownouts? Most utilities have realtime maps these days.

Do you have solar feeding your panel?

You might be able to learn something by comparing the Power Meter waveform for that period. Any drama?


My guess: Every time the wind blows, a tree limb contacts the overhead power line coming into your house. It only scrapes against an un-insulated area on the LEG2 circuit. Maybe it is at the power pole transformer. Post pictures of your transformer and the power as it enters your home. Does the correct guess win a prize?


I really want that to be the reason!

I would be downloading local weather history right now and looking for correlations. How cool if, beyond just wind = jitter, you find voltage is proportional to wind speed. The Windmill Effect?

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Haha, a big thanks is enough?

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Not that I have noticed. I can see the AP SSID of 2 more Powerwall Gateways, do not know if this could be a factor.

I live in Puerto Rico so is LUMA Energy for distribution and AEE for generation :roll_eyes:

Not to my knowledge. Only wish LUMA had that capacity.

Yes, I have a 4.2K envoy system and a Powerwall.

Did you look here?

That is the transformer and the lines from there go underground.

Did not think of motioning that as it is based on the reports done by users on the app, call center or social media, not real-time. Another issue with the page i that it only monitors outages and not any other occurrence.

So @Dcdyer, a loose sidewalk paver over the underground bridge? :wink:

Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s a single-phase transformer and any leg variation on the house supply is down to the transformer and/or dodgy wires feeding the house, and not the distribution line or ground, right?

So @srodriguezromanpr, are you getting consistent low L2 or has it corrected itself?

On the first two days I had 43 according to the Sense and in the last day only 2. I guess it has corrected itself somewhat but is still only L2.