Power Quality - .csv download issue

i’m not sure if i’m doing something incorrectly i would like to look at the power quality data

i notice in sense labs that i have a lot of voltage issues and i wanted to download the csv file and compare it to my A/C as i think that is causing it

the csv link gives me an xml file page not a file to download

Try refreshing the page and attempt the download again. It looks like the download link is created when the page loads, and, since the link has an expiration of one hour, if you don’t attempt to download the data within an hour of loading the page, the link expires. I suspect, based on your error screenshot, that you attempted to download the data almost an hour and a half after loading the page.

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weird… thank you i refreshed the page and it still didn’t work and that was from the first request so i logged out and back in and it works fine now

i see server time and expire time in there now